TCL Group rewards safe drivers

Safe drivers across the TCL Group have been recognised for their good behaviour on the road – with nearly a hundred colleagues winning awards over the past year.

A tracking device fitted to all vehicles in the groupwide fleet not only enables the company to locate vans at any point, but also monitors driving styles, enabling good performers to be praised, while those falling short of the required standard can be offered training.

The Trackm8 telematics system was installed in the vehicles last spring, with Amazon vouchers given to 91 drivers so far. Two of them were drawn out of a hat to win additional big money prizes.

TCL Group chairman Simon Cashmore said: “The process will continue in 2019 and we very much look forward to seeing more of the team receiving recognition and reward for their safe driving.”

Burleys operations director Paul Norton presented the voucher to Ian Saunders, while director Jon Collins presents Cristian Campean with his prize.