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Porthcawl – Floor Standing Planters

We do like to be beside the seaside… especially since more Britons are choosing to stay in the UK for their annual holiday. With this in mind, Porthcawl Council decided to bring some life and colour to their coastal areas, and set them aside from their competition.

As part of a larger and ongoing contract with Porthcawl, Plantscape were requested to create nine six tier floor-standing planters. The benefit of this product lies in its low maintenance features due to the water reservoir system, which allows it to go for days without the need to be watered and it is brilliant for when space is at a minimum but impact has to be maximum.

Plants on the coastal area have requirements of their own as they can suffer from salt laden air, howling gales and very high light levels. Although we cannot control the wind and salt spray, careful planning of plants can reduce exposure to these conditions. Therefore, we used specific hardy plants as a way of sheltering the less tolerant ones and allowing them to become established.