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Plantscape’s bee friendly range to be available for towns and BIDs from 2020

Plantscape’s new bee friendly range of planters, piloted by Birmingham’s fashionable Harborne Village, will be available for towns and BID groups across the UK from the summer of 2020.

The range was developed following a request from Harborne Village BID for displays which would combine aesthetic appeal with environmental enhancement.

And the planters, which contain flowers from the RHS list of approved Plants for Pollinators, are proving extremely popular with residents and visitors.

Plants available will include guara, verbena, lavender, heather, aster, fuschia, speedwell, and capitata.

BID manager Kate Smart was delighted with the results: “With the global concern about depleting insect numbers we gathered together a group of likeminded volunteers to help make Harborne Village more environmentally responsible. HUG (Harborne Urban Garden project) encouraged us to show our love of all things buzzy and fluttery by planting areas of the High Street with wild flowers and good pollinators to keep our tiny friends happy.

“Completely moving away from the usual planting, you see around the city, HUG specified the plants used to ensure they’d be beneficial to our bee and insect community and the result is stunning!!

“How wonderful to pretty up this urban environment whilst helping the Harborne insects!”

Harborne is one of a number of Birmingham BIDs which work with Plantscape – with one of them, Soho Road, even featured on a BBC TV programme about Britain in Bloom earlier this year.

For more information call us on 0330 555 0121 or email

• Plantscape’s new bee friendly planters, containing plants from the RHS list of approved Plants for Pollinators, will be available for towns and BID groups from summer 2020 after a successful pilot in Birmingham.