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Ice Watch teams prepare for winter gritting at UK training roadshows

While most of us basked in the autumn sunshine, hardworking Ice Watch gritting teams were taking part in training and induction roadshows up and down the country in preparation for winter.

Around 170 members of its hundred plus gritting teams were updated on health and safety issues, operations tracking procedures, IT and reporting methods and introduced to new equipment and working practices.

These include Ice Watch’s recently developed temperature sensor technology which predicts exactly where and when roads will be affected by ice and snow.

The wireless, real-time devices, normally used only by organisations such as councils and highway authorities on major trunk roads, constantly read the road surface temperature which is then fed it back to Ice Watch meteorologists.

The annual shows also give operators the chance to meet other members of the Ice Watch team.

Training sessions took place at a dozen locations across the UK, from Glasgow to Taunton and from Bridgend to Saxmundham.