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Happy Newhaven park dog walker thanks Burleys Good Samaritans

Happy Newhaven park dog walker thanks Burleys Good Samaritans image

A worried dog walker has written a heartfelt letter of thanks to Burleys in Newhaven – after two of the team helped her find her lost house key hidden in the long grass of a park whose grounds they tend.

Alison Eaves was sent into a spin when she lost her key during a walk with her puppy in Eastside Park on her way to collect her three children from school.

A three-hour search of the long grass produced no results and eventually a passing friend lent her a phone so she could ring a relative to bring a spare and allow her back into the house.

The next day she returned to the field – worried that she would need to change the locks as the key fob contained her address – and explained her predicament to two Burleys colleagues cutting the grass.

“They were eager to help me locate it. They set about their job, cutting the area I had pointed to and slowing down and actively listening for the clunk of metal. It didn’t take long before they located it, in the same area where my children and I searched for three hours. I couldn’t thank them enough!

“Your colleagues were so polite and friendly, and their help has saved me the worry and finance of changing the lock.

“I frequently see Burleys grounds maintenance at many locations in Newhaven and they always do a good job at maintaining the area and grass, and their work is very much appreciated by locals. It’s good to know on the rare occasion you may need help, they are professional, friendly and approachable.”

• Robert Allen, one of the Burleys Good Samaritans who helped the worried dog walker find her key