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Burleys celebrates Bees Needs Week

The Burleys team in Lewes are celebrating Bees Needs Week (July 8 – 14) by inviting residents to report sightings of bees and butterflies to enable them to chart improvements in the area’s biodiversity.

Bees Needs Week, run by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators.

Lewes district is awash with bee friendly flowers on grass verges, meadows and public areas thanks to a team effort between Royal Warrant holder Burleys, Lewes District Council and various community groups.

The project, which has been running for three years, consists of 18 meadow areas in Lewes and Newhaven, and is overseen by Burleys’ community liaison officer Karen Rigby-Faux.

Karen explained: “There are several different types of meadow – those that are more biodiversity rich which contain perennial wildflowers. The others are filled with annual wildflower seeds, chosen for our pollinators and these are much prettier and have to be sown yearly.

“These mini meadows are scattered across roadside verges, recreation fields, housing estates and cemeteries and this year all the meadows were teeming with butterflies, bees, grasshopper and crickets. It’s amazing just how many insects benefit from such small areas.

“The overall objective is to find a balance between sustainability of the flora, aesthetics for the residents, ecological value for wildlife and less intensive management regimes.”

Residents are being encouraged to report insect sightings to Karen at enabling her to chart improvements in local biodiversity.

  • * Thanks to Sara Humphrey for the photo.