Winter risk maintenance

We like to work together with our customers to tackle the duty of care towards the general public and your employees head on. In today’s compensation culture, increased claims during an icy winter are inevitable. The associated costs can go far further than monetary compensation. Productivity can be affected, management time increased and bad publicity which leads to damage of reputation which in turn affects your profits. Expect the unexpected and let Ice Watch manage your winter risk strategy giving you peace of mind leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Gritting Service Benefits

£10,000,000 of Public Liability insurance. We offer nationwide gritting and snow clearance coverage with flexibility to meet our customer’s needs. Localised weather forecasts to allow for accurate decision making. Notification of gritting is made to key personnel which means that you can be involved in the whole process. Our gritting operators use a range of equipment that minimises damage to the environment and ensures that areas including steps and disability ramps are treated. We offer out of hours telephone support to our customers and gritting operators alike to ensure that the gritting service and snow clearance run smoothly.

All of our winter gritting operators are located within a 10 mile radius of our customer’s sites, they are fully trained and provide a safe, environmentally aware, quality service. As they are dedicated to individual sites they understand all of its specific requirements. Ice Watch’s gritting operators wear ID badges, appropriate personal protective equipment and comply with any site security requirements. They also hold up to 3 weeks of salt stocks and are replenished from one of Ice Watch’s strategically located regional salt stores.

7 day gritting and snow clearance

Localised specific weather forecasts are received to be analysed by Ice Watch’s trained operations team. We take into account many variables such as ground temperature, moisture levels and duration of ice risk to reach a decision as to whether gritting is required.

Customers designated contacts are contacted in the early afternoon by text and email advising of the necessity of gritting for either ice or snow.

Our fully trained gritting operators then ensure the work is carried out within the correct timings of the forecasts.

The following morning an Email confirmation of operational services that have taken place is sent to the customer contacts.

Snow clearance

– If snow clearing is required Ice Watch will carry this out in accordance with the customer’s instructions. We clear small areas and footpaths manually and for larger areas and car parks we will clear mechanically.

Any specific requirements for your site we will be happy to discuss them, please call us on 01728 633900.