Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

Burleys is the grounds maintenance provider for the Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, having commenced the contract at the beginning of April 2016. Sites are inspected by our team on a regular basis.



The Inspectors measure the condition of the site against the agreed specification and the results are amalgamated  along with the inspections carried out by the Trust and reviewed in regular fortnightly meetings.

Mowing Timetable

The contract is based on 16 cuts per annum between April and November. Peaks and Plains may ask Burleys from time to time to carry out additional cuts outside the timetable to cover any exceptional growing periods. However the mowing timetable is subject to change depending on extreme weather conditions. This should not be a variation of more than plus or minus 48 hours.

The mowing specification is for the all cuts throughout the year (normally in April and November) to be “cut & collected” where all the grass cuttings are collected by the mower and removed from site.

Please note that if we experience heavy rain, we may not  conduct mowing as our mowers could tear and not cut the grass, as result in churning up the ground. Therefore there will be a delay while we catch up when the weather improves. The mowing schedule will be updated and refreshed every week.

This area will also contain any changes or updates to our operation, which may be of interest to residents.

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