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Our ethos is to deliver a quality service to our customers in the most efficient manner that does not negatively impact on our staff, customers or surroundings. We recognise the importance of sustainable service delivery in order to improve quality of life whilst protecting the environment and our sustainability policy lays out a series of environmental, social and economic actions.

Some examples of our activities include:

  • Promoting wildflower planting and natural areas to support biodiversity
  • Using environmentally friendly products such as Foamstream for controlling weeds
  • We aim to recycle 100% of our green waste, and sort waste at source to recycle where possible
  • Tracking vehicles to plan routes and rounds as effectively as possible to reduce travel
  • Planting trees to capture urban particulates and sequestrate carbon to improve our carbon footprint
  • We are moving towards using hybrid vehicles for company cars and use electric tools where appropriate
  • Participating in environmental awareness projects with schools local to where we are working
  • We have installed lights that automatically switch off when rooms are empty in our offices

If you would like a copy of our full sustainability policy, please get in touch by emailing enquire@gburley.co.uk.

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