Burleys’ national IOG award celebrated in Groundsman magazine

Burleys’ expertise in fine turf care and greenkeeping has been praised in national grounds maintenance magazine The Groundsman.

The Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) publication has published a double page spread on the Royal Warrant holding company, following its success in beating Rolls Royce to a national award for its expertise and dedication.

Burleys won the national IOG award for its maintenance of Crouch Bowling Club in East Sussex, which is used by top class players taking part in national competitions.

The Groundsman features editor Colin Hoskins said in the magazine: “Burleys’ skill at maintaining bowling greens and sports surfaces is being recognised at a number of sites throughout the county.

“Indeed, the Hampden Park Bowls Club site in Eastbourne was formerly renowned as having one of the worst bowling greens in East Sussex, but since Burleys’ consistent and first-class approach the site is now fully booked in-season and in 2018 hosted the Eastbourne Open.”

Burleys ensures the greens are maintained to high standards by regular mowing, spiking, fungicide applications, ditch cleaning and watering, as well as autumn and spring renovations involving deep scarification, grading and topping up with sand, plus applications of fertiliser, loam, iron and seeding.

The company makes a point of reducing thatch on the greens, to minimise the presence of leatherjackets and thus reduce the need for pesticides. Garlic-based products are included in the regime to deter worms and nematodes, it uses an eco-friendly weedkiller, Foamstream, and seaweed-based fertiliser. It also uses a revolutionary sports turf aerification machine, Air 2G2 to improve the soil.

Judging criteria included effective use of resources, budgetary control, presentation and housekeeping standards, as well as environmental considerations.

The green, owned by Seaford Town Council, has been in use since 1935 and its team play 70 games a year in national and county championships.

Burleys’ work has also been praised by bowling club secretary Pat Purser who said: “Since you took over the contract the green has improved every year. In spite of the heatwave our green has bowled superbly and has been envied by all the visiting clubs, as have the surrounding flower beds.”